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About Us

Founded in 2010, Land of Ozz Recordings is run by Jermaine S Archibald. Jermaine, (Ozz), has been involved in the music industry in one capacity or another for over 15 years. In the early years a gentleman by the name of Bennie L. Herring II became a mentor, and guide for Ozz. "Much of my business ethics, and much of what I know come from my association with Benny Herring". During this time Ozz was part of a group that had two magnificent opportunities to sign deals. Due to the decisions of one of the members those deals never materialized. During the years 

that followed the industry began moving away from the hip-hop style that made it so golden. Ozz refocused his energies into production, and some artist management. Land of Ozz Recordings brings back those artists whose lyrical content is exemplary, and has love for the music itself. Paired with an amazing production team, the artists can be sure they have some of the most unique music in their repertoire. "Our company is based on the belief that the artist's needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to providing the knowledge, and resources to artists who truly embrace the idea that music is a universal tool that can deeply move an individual, and be used to "edutain" the masses. We aim to enlighten the general public, and bring about an awakening in the music industry. We specialize in production from hip-hop to R&B. Our brand will fill your spirit with the same exuberance that filled the hearts of those who invented music long ago”. Jermaine, a performer himself, has an extensive history of performance, and co-producing showcases in his local area of Broward County, FL with other local companies. Every year in February the company assists with the auditioning, and management of the stage acts which include major headliners. It is that aspect of business management, and his knack for recruiting some of the best artists in the area that led to the creation of the record label. With top notch recruiting, superb production, and a passionate approach to business Land of Ozz Recordings is poised to become a major player in this game.

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